Doris “Bookend” 2

  • Two similar sculptures originally intended to sit like bookends would, but as you will
  • Note – at 11.5cm high and being hollow, these shouldn’t be used as actual bookends.  They just look like that.
  • Both are similarly sized with no writing on their rears, with matt textured bodies, matt ears and shiny noses
  • Both sit very well with Mustard sculpture scale wise (see last image)
  • #2 (this one) has inquisitive charcoal black ears
  • 11.5cm high, 10cm long approx

Hand built earthenware sculptures, hollow inside. Each sculpture comes with a hand rendered certificate of authenticity which includes a tiny preparatory sketch.

This first image is this item.  The other images are of the two bookend-style ceramics together. See “Bookend” 1 here.

We will not be posting ceramics because of the risk of breakage. You can, however, buy ceramics online and collect them either during the exhibition or by agreement with Graham.



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