We’ll Know Where We’re Going When We Get There

Two figures seated on the back of a mule, standing atop a vintage toolbox. An unusual piece with a whole lot of weight and presence, it has a beautiful patina of an almost ethereal white alongside an aged verdigris. The body of the mule is hollow and a few holes have been left, I thought for rolled up pieces of paper carrying hopes, dreams, wishes, secrets.

I made the initial sculpture in clay whilst I was still undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and it has a special place in my heart. For the longest time it had the working title, Mustard Ass. You know how sometimes you can really feel something but find it almost impossible to put into words? Well this was one of those creations.

I tried to capture the solidity of a horse-like creature, but with very little detail. She is strong and calm with huge ears to listen and light feet to run like the wind. For such a weighty piece there is so much lightness, dynamism and possibility. It’s as if they are ready for a journey but have no idea which way they want to go. She has an elaborate ‘lean’ which is very apparent from one angle. Will they head forwards or back or sideways? She has an expression of endless maternal patience.

The base is made from a well loved and much used toolbox. They have everything they need in there to make all the difficult decisions life throws at us. And perhaps sometimes we won’t even know where we’re going until we get there.

A very limited edition of 7.

Hand waxed and with an individual patina. The figures have a slightly scumbled appearance a bit like white marble. The tool box is a striking verdigris. I was thinking, ‘aged and ethereal’.

  • H 46cm x W 25cm x D 15cm
  • Each finished with black velvet on the base to prevent scratching
  • Sold with a signed hand rendered authenticity certificate and an exclusive small original drawing of Mr Mustard and Doris for you to frame

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