The Wanderer Returns

I think every dog owner must know this feeling. When you turn around and they’re nowhere to be seen. And your thoughts run away with you thinking of all possible scenarios. Maybe your pup has been kidnapped or stolen? Fallen down a hole or knocked unconscious? Or worse, maybe they have caused a terrible accident and killed a bus load of people? And then they return, a little sheepish, and start to tell you this cock and bull story about an abandoned sandwich that needed tidying away…

  • Mixed media original using oil pastel, ink and sgraffito on board
  • Beautifully presented in handmade solid wood frame, stained and waxed to an antique finish with distressed gold fillet and anti reflective glass offering 70% UV protection
  • Sold with a hand rendered Authenticity Certificate
  • Image size 15cm x 15cm
  • Framed size 28cm x 28cm approximately



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